For now you have probably ended up in the wrong place as there much of anything here yet.

  • Blog - because some things are easier to handle in a blog format.
  • Resume (Current CV (in Swedish))
  • Projects
  • C64 - stuff, notes and other useful hints.
  • Record collection (mostly complete, no digital releases!)
  • Ordlistan - the word list of made up words that should be real Swedish words or things (in Swedish only).
  • Octopus collection - my collection of octopusses (in Swedish only)
  • Totoros kompisar - a list of characters that Studio Ghibli didn't include in their movies (in Swedish only)
  • Test - Other stuff mainly for testing.
  • World of Warcraft - relating to my time in that game.

page made up by Pson - awesome ninja by Egghunter

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